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study guide cover Archibald's current study guide has been written specifically for the multiple-choice format CSE. The study guide is based on the lecture materials from the seminars Archibald has been giving at AIASF for the past 12 years and has been updated to include changes to the CSE Test Plan for 2014. It covers all 55 of the Test Plan knowledge statements, including the 2013 edition of Title 24 and other California specific codes and regulations, AIA contract documents and all the other areas of architectural practice covered in the Test Plan. The study guide also includes strategies for studying and preparing for the exam.

Here are the Table of Contents, some sample sections of the study guide; knowledge statement 2, 14, 34 and 53. The cost of the guide is $54.

Archibald also have multiple choice mock exams available to help candidates practice for the actual CSE. The mock exams are written exactly in the actual exam format with two project scenario sections, one general section and a total of 130 questions each. They also come with scenario drawings and answers. Here are some sample questions from the Mock Exams.

The Mock Exams are available separately from the study guide and currently Archibald has two of the available for $19 each.

For more information and to order please send e-mail to Archibald at info@wooarchitecture.com.

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